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Gillian Haig & Elizabeth Hone


Opening Date:

Saturday 7th November, 3pm - 5pm

Exhibition Date:

Saturday 7th November to Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Paintings by Gillian Haig & Sculptures by Elizabeth Hone

Gillian Haig’s pared back representations of nature and objects use abstraction and colour to explore the artist’s surrounds. At times the conflict between comfort and tension is subtly explored by transcending the traditional still life or landscape.

There is also a nostalgic reflection upon past and present using elements of house and home. The work can be emblematic of what home can mean, with the use of bottles, cups, fruit or flowers as symbols of that comfort and tension.

This body of work marks the beginning of a new investigation into the memory of home and a searching for a sense of place in the world.

To a large degree the first mark creates the energy for each work and has to hold attention until its success is formed. I put down ideas quickly to hold this energy then build and construct the surface. I like to layer paint or pastel, ink or pencil until the work has gained its own strength.

Elizabeth Hone is attracted to the visual statement graffiti makes in our urban environment. Impressed by the bold colours and complex spatial arrangements evident in these stylistic wall works, her aim is to capture this aesthetic in her sculptures.

The graffiti is transformed into a wooden structure, wrapped in a metal jacket, fashioned from discarded aluminium drink cans. The can’s throw-away destiny to become landfill is arrested as it is recommissioned as art. The completed sculpture is the end product of her underlying desire to capture the colour, balance, and movement of graffiti.



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