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Local Collaboration

Local Collaboration

Opening Date:

Friday 17th July 2015 7pm

Exhibition Date:

Friday 17th July to 17th August 2015

A collection of sculpture, paintings & resin works from Mornington Peninsula artists.
All united by success with their chosen medium, we bring you a truly distinctive collection of works by artists from the Mornington Peninsula.
Andrew Bryant
Jackson Lee
Luke Jenkins
Dörte Dapic & Nadja Marsh

Please join us for opening drinks and meet the artists. Friday 17th July 2015, 6pm
Exhibition continues until August 17th 2015

Sculpture – Andrew Bryant
The land has been a prominent influence on Andrew since childhood, growing up on an organic farm.
At an early age Andrew was learning to make things with his grandfather, tools were created to solve problems, nothing was discarded but re-invented.
Practical skills are essential when farming the land.
This background philosophy he continued on with when Andrew started his life as a tradesman, inventor and sculptor.
His sculptures are made from steel, stone, wood and are a response to the forces of humans and the environment.

Fluid Composition – Jackson Lee
By painting with resin, Jackson Lee is able to pursue a new form of art that traditional painting does not allow. New techniques or visual effects arise, whether by accident or design, revealing the unique characteristics of resin.
Jackson’s unique approach to resin has been developed over ten years; from early work in surfboard production, a Contemporary Arts degree and a successful career in filmmaking – leading to the fundamental development of a unique style of art, which focuses on strong
contrasts and composition.

Colour Me Pretty – Luke Jenkins
All aspects of Luke’s life so far have culminated in his love of wildlife and affinity with art.
Boyhood aspirations of becoming a zoologist, having an established artist (Andrea Jenkins) for a paint splattered mother, and seeing the happy and colourful side of life growing up on the Mornington Peninsula are all reflected in Luke’s body of work.
Jenkin’s work is exciting, with his use of bold colour and patterning incorporating a variety of mediums on canvas and paper.

Colour & Music Sculpture Exhibition – Dörte Dapic & Nadja Marsh
Mother and daughter join forces to showcase their unique, contemporary sculptures.
Dörte Dapic’s striking design’s are a reflection of her long career as a jeweler. This current range has been inspired by the shapes and vibrant colours occurring naturally in nature.
Nadja Marsh draws her inspiration from music and an overall passion for three dimensional art. She creates a unique blend of hebel, metal and warm timbers to bring these musical instruments to life.

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