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Annie Erez & Katie Carmichael


Opening Date:

Join us for opening drinks and meet the artists Saturday 20th February 2016, 3pm - 5pm

Exhibition Date:

Saturday 20th February to Tuesday 15th March 2016

Annie has a background in design and styling and has completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Visual Arts in 2011 at the University of Melbourne. She creates an aerial perspective of a fantastical geography from ink, painted enamel and drawing.

Erez has a fascination for the symbols used in the world of mapping. She uses glimpses of these and morphs them into a new landscape of her imagination.

The navigation between chaos and order inspires her to juxtapose ink with fine linework. Her pieces explore movement and stasis, control and freedom. The viewer is invited to enter a new realm.

Katie uses her camera as a tool to explore the relentless power and rhythms in nature and its emotive qualities that take us to a place that allows us to reflect, to dream and to pause.

In recent works she has used linen as a veil between the physical landscape and that place within the landscape that transcends our minds to a place of reflection and contemplation. The veil represents an exploration of the metaphysical aspects of the landscape.

Katie works on a large scale to further reflect the enormity and grandeur of the natural world.

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