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Billie Baker


Opening Date:

Saturday 12th March 2pm - 4pm

Exhibition Date:

Saturday 12th March until Sunday 10th April 2022

Tidepools was created through the perpetual evaluation and thoughts on our footprints we leave on this earth, through the constant inspiration of nature that surrounds us and what we do as humans that impact Mother Earth.

Deep into a thought of a small world, an ecosystem, a pool of erotic goodness. Rockpools are a kaleidoscope into an underwater garden & like gardens they are linked to the wider world, their physical environments are a source of energy containing living things. They are secret little portals to worlds that hold a diverse array of marine life. However, these small worlds are also always under constant scrutiny from surviving ever-changing harsh environments, from the movements & quick changings of the tides to the effects of sunlight on the exposed pool. The colours of these slow-moving worlds are mind blowing, but seem to be forgotten by the masses – one of the many beautiful aspects of nature that is seemingly left behind in our battle of climate change.

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