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Dinner & discussion with RACHEL WARD

Past Event

Rachel is well known to many for her acting roles in Against All Odds, The Thorn Birds, Rain Shadow & her directing roles of Beautiful Kate & Palm Beach.
However, on this occasion Rachel will be talking about her current, very personal project, STANDING ON THE SOiLUTION.

As a farmer in New South Wales Rachel was experiencing drought for long periods, then came the bushfires of last year. With the very pressing realities of climate change & a new grandson she was galvanised to take meaningful action with not only the way she farmed, but as a filmmaker.

Rachel’s feature documentary, currently being filmed, is a personal account of one woman’s journey through the transition from conventional / industrial to regenerative farming as a very real response to climate catastrophe.

We cannot imagine a more unlikely person to be talking about the benefits of regenerative agriculture, but perhaps an unconventional approach & a passion for the subject is what it is all about?

An evening not to be missed.