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The Life and Times of Baillieu (Bails) Myer

Baillieu Myer AC is a well-known businessman, philanthropist, agriculturalist, family man and patron of the arts. The son of Sidney Myer, the founder of the Myer Emporium and Dame Merlyn Myer, Bails has had a long career in retail and commerce through the Myer Emporium, Coles Myer and a range of other companies.

From mustering cattle to tackling ski runs with ingenuity, to gathering people from all walks of life together for laughter and merriment, Bails’ life is one of community, family, purposefulness and fun.

Bails is a leader in philanthropic endeavour through his involvement with the Sidney Myer Fund, the Myer Foundation and the Yulgilbar Foundation as well as active involvement with community enterprises like The Salvation Army and the Rural Education Program.

He has provided extensive leadership in the arts through organisations like the National Gallery of Victoria and has put together significant art collections, some of which have been gifted to public institutions.

He has supported medical research through his involvement with the Howard Florey Institute and engagement with Asia through Asialink.

Bails and his wife Sarah have brought up a happy and successful family and created friendships and connections across the globe that have enabled them to fulfil their passion for making a difference.