Peninsula Adventure Pack

Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and the not so common varietals Viognier, Fiano & Gamay make a wine pack for the adventurous & curious wine drinker. Skin contact & carbonic. Textural & fine. Quirky & Interesting. This pack is our way of showing appreciation for the producers trying something a little different, and it working. Hurrah!




Phaedrus Fiano 2023

This is a classical Italian white variety that was grown in Ancient Rome. Lightly pressed, fermented with wild yeast & prepared for bottling with minimal interference. Similar to a Riesling in style but with its own floral/spicy varietal characters & a bit more texture.

Stilvi ‘Jungle Freak’ Pinot Gris 2023 (skin contact) 

Cool soaked on skins & stem for 10 days before being pressed, settled then racked into old French oak barrels for WYF fermentation. Soaking on skin delivered a gorgeous peachy blush! Citrus rind, cardamon, tangerine, ginger, musk, & a smidgen of peat.

Brothers McLean Viognier 2018 (skin contact)

Frangipane, passion flower & orange blossom with pithy grapefruit & tangerine are followed by fresh green herbs & musky spice. Then green mango, kiwi fruit, lime juice & white peach. Crunchy, refreshing & textural.

Stilvi Field Blend 2022 (skin contact) 

A blend of Chardonnay & Pinot Gris. Wild yeast fermented on skins delivering texture & complex aromatics. Think lemon marmalade, frangipani, lychee, peach, melon & citrus rind.

Scorpo ‘Bestia’ Pinot Grigio Tradizionale 2021 (skin contact)

Aromas of Red ‘Sensation’ pear, oranges, morello cherry. A refined grippy palate, wonderful texture. Briny, spicy, intense, exotic. Savoury phenolics. Flavours of mandarin & orange jube mix with with pears. Citrus pith & exotic spices accompany the long finish. 30 days on skins.

Elan Gamay 2020

Dusty, musky cherry & blueberry on the nose. The palate is light to medium bodied, dry with a touch of sour cherry, along with chocolatey cherry ripe & salty plum. Bright acid & just enough tannin make this a great little wine.

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